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Baseball Card Value Price Guide including Basketball, Football, Hockey, Boxing and Non-Sports

Our sports card price guide is based only on prices realized on eBay and major auction houses. Our recorded transactions are only for graded cards that have been graded by the hobby's most reputable grading companies: SGC - Sportscard Guaranty Company, PSA - Professional Sports Authenticator, GAI - Global Authentication Inc., BVG - Beckett Vintage Grading and BGS - Beckett Grading Service. Each card in our system has its own card profile page with an easy-to-read grid (Pioneered by that contains the latest values broken down by grader and grade. After clicking on a grader/grade combination you get a listing of past sales containing all the crucial information enjoyed by the hobby's biggest collectors and dealers. This information includes: Date, Auction, Image used in auction, Seller, Buyer, Bid Count, Extra info and Price.

FREE Want List Auction Alerts ( View Demo )

You can access your want list by clicking on "Want List" under "My VCP". This feature allows you to add cards to your "Want List" the same way that you add cards to "My Collection". After adding the card to your "Want List", any new auctions on eBay that match your card and have the same Graders/Grades that you specify will result in a email notification being sent to alert you. The auction will be listed in your "Want List" with a link directly to that auction on eBay until the auction has ended. Now you don't have to search through pages and pages of eBay items looking for the card you need, we do it for you!

My Collection ( View Demo )

You can access your collections by clicking on "My Collection" under "My VCP". In "My Collection" you may view group totals of costs, value and net for each individual collection group that you create. You may also view cost, value and net for each individual card and the entire collection. The "Add Card to My Collection" button appears on every card profile page. After clicking it, you enter what you paid for it and choose the collection group that you want it to go into. You may edit or delete cards and groups as needed.

Auction Price Tracking

Get up to the minute values for every card made from 1867 to 1959 that is graded by SGC, PSA, GAI and BVG. Access millions of auction records including eBay in our database with several hundred auctions being posted daily. While viewing the card profile that you are looking for you will see all the latest auction prices for that card broken down by grader and grade in a grid. Click on the price and all the auctions in our database will be displayed in a list with the most current on top.

Price Indicator Icon

Non-members can see a "Price Icon" indicating that there is auction pricing on a particular card when viewing set profiles (set checklists) and player name search results. This helps in determining that prices are available before you sign up for a paying account.

Search Prices by Set

While viewing set profiles (set checklists), VIP Members can search the set by grading company and grade. The search will result in a listing of all the latest prices with the most current up top.

FREE Auction Email Alerts

This feature allows you to choose if you wish to be notified when there is a new auction posted on a card in your collection. You may elect to turn it on while adding a card to your collection or anytime thereafter. While in "My Collection", go to the card that you wish to manage and turn email alerts on or off.